Swimwear from the 1920s, 30s and 40s

I know it’s still hot in the Northern Hemisphere and the warm weather is perfect for the beach or lolling about in the shade with a good book dressed in wide linen trousers and a 1930s floppy hat. So dear reader, I thought I’d post a small collection of items from Glamoursurf, a store that specialises in vintage swimwear and accessories. GS has some gorgeous original vintage pieces from brands such as Jantzen, Victory Knitwear, Catalina and Gordon MacKay.

I have always loved the streamlined elegance of vintage swimwear and I wish that some of that glamour and sophistication would make it’s way back into today’s mainstream bathing collections en masse. And even if you can’t afford to purchase anything, you can simply admire and be inspired by these beauties. Included are suits from the 1920s to the 40s.

Vintage late 1920s Catalina Black Wool Swimsuit Bathing Suit   


   Vintage 40's Catalina 'Bali Isle' California Hand Print Two Piece Swimsuit Bikini Bathing Suit

Vintage 40's Nylon Jersey Hawaiian Print Swimsuit Bathing Suit S/XS   Vintage 40s Cole of California Black Velvet Open Midriff Swimsuit Bathing Suit


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