Maybeline ad – 1925

I adore this ad from 1925 for Maybeline mascara. Thank you to the Vintage-Spirit blog for sharing it.

Maybeline 1928

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Just a reminder for all my readers that are fans of Art Deco design and the fashion 1920s and 30s, I have several boards full of my favourite visual collections over at Pinterest that I add to on a daily basis. You are welcome to follow me there also. Enjoy 🙂

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Vintage Hair – 1920s
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1930s beauty tutorials

A couple of lovely videos from British Pathe.

Vintage Beauty Icons 1: Carole Lombard

I just adore this woman!! She lived and breathed style. From the 1920s right through to her death in 1942 she was stunningly beautiful. If I could magically achieve any look from the 1930s – hers would be it!













Etsy picks of the week: Art Deco Homewares 2

Post number 2 re Art Deco homewares currently for sale on Etsy. There are so many wonderful finds to be had that I wish I had a tonne of money to purchase them all! Sadly , I would need a bigger house ;P Which one is your favourite? Mine is the chrome clock.

* All items linked back to their original Etsy source. 

vintage Lamp - art deco - interior decor   On Sale Art Deco Storage Canisters   Vintage Three Flowers Art Deco Cosmetic Powder Tin Box

Vintage Pink Depression/Art Deco Tray, 1930-1950s, Sowerby Glassware, UK Seller   Vintage Art Deco Toaster Two Door Drop Side Slots Shiny Silver Chrome Black Bakelite Plastic 1920s 1930s Breakfast Kitchen DecorVintage Cigarette Box Art Deco

Art deco enamel box Manning Bowman USA/ vintage 1930s wood enamel storage box   ART DECO Streamline Chrome Cream and Sugar Tray Set /vintage 1930s cream and sugar set Nasco Perma Brite   1920's Original Frankart Nude Boudior Lamp Green Brain Globe Art Deco Lady Light Pete The Geek

French art deco bird lamp on a marble plinth   Colorful and Unusual Art Deco Era Patterned Velvet Stick or Bar Pin Box with Mother of Pearl Button Closure   French Art Deco Mirror and Table Manicure Stand

1930s Art Deco Phillip Morris Bellhop Salt & Pepper Shakers  CHROME ART DECO Mantel Clock Ornate Sleek Diamond Silver geometrical Alarm clock   Vintage Red R.A. Hunter Art Deco Kitchen Scale

Vintage USA Pottery Green Planter Vase Bowl Owl Design Art Deco Retro Home Decor Kitchen Dining Entertaining Party Rectangle   Coorsite Pottery - Art Deco Yellow Pitcher - Ceramic Stonewear  Antique Vintage Art Deco Green and Gold Celluloid Hand Mirror Beveled Mirror

RIP Patty Andrews, 1918 – 2013

Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of swing-era vocal group the Andrews Sisters (and the center sister in the photo below), died today of natural causes. She was 94. A beautiful lady with a golden voice.

‘Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four’ will always be my fav of their songs. Thought I’d post the clip here. Not the mention that we get to see Jewel McGowan and Dean Collins dance. 🙂

* Taken from my post at Swingfashionista

From the late Thirties through the Forties, the Andrews Sisters produced one hit record after another. Patty Andrews is in the centre


My Pinterest boards

For all my readers that are fans of Art Deco design and the fashion 1920s and 30s, I have several boards full of my visual collects over at Pinterest that I add to on a daily basis. You are welcome to follow me there 🙂

Art Deco design and Beauty
1920s style
1930s style
Art Deco Patterns
Vintage Hair – 1930s
Vintage Hair – 1920s
Vintage graphic design & advertising

Michelle’s Etsy picks of the week…1920s & 30s vintage compacts

Vintage compacts…don’t you just love them!! Each one distinctly different from the other – the style revealing a little something about the previous owner. Historically the compact had a slightly shady past. They were originally only used by ‘less desirable’ women such as ladies of the night and actresses. As time moved on, the wearing of make-up became more acceptable and compacts finally came out of the shadows to become a mainstream fashion accessory and were finally used in public without disgrace.

I have a tidy little collection of my own vintage compacts and am always on the lookout for more Art Deco lovelies. They really did come in all shapes and sizes and were made from a variety of materials. My favourite is my ‘Volupte’ case which has a puff, lipstick and place for cigarettes/coins, all carried in a little grosgrain purse (similar example below). Here are some fabulous compacts that are available on Etsy. Check out the amazing ‘Josephine Baker’ wrist bracelet compact!

To see an another cool collection of compacts for sale, check out Sheryl’s Art Deco Emporium.

NB: I wrote this piece for Swingfashionista a while back, but thought I’ add some new compacts to it for VVV.

* All items are linked back to their original Etsy source.

Vintage Elgin American Mirror Powder Compact  Powder Compact Evans Chain Bag Botton  Vtg 1920s Spider & Web MakeUp Powder / Mirror Compact Vintage / Antique Goth - Extremely Rare

Vintage  French 1920's silk Powder Compact for I. Magnin  Antique 20's Art Deco powder and mirror Art Deco Octagonal Compact  Vintage Compact Art Deco Powder Compact Dance Purse 1920's Sterling Silver Golfer Enamel Graphics EXTREMELY RARE

Vintage Compact Purse Dance Purse 1920s Powder Compact Coffin Purse Mirror Purse Wristlet Purse Silver Compact Powder Compact  RARE Edwardian 1920s DECO Enamel Porcelain COMPACT Coin Dance Purse..White Gold Frame & Bar Chain..F M Co  Vintage Art Deco Compact Purse Evans Powder Compact Vintage Compact Dance Purse Finger Ring

Vintage Compact Pearl Celluloid Powder Compact Rouge Compact Mirror Compact  1930's Compact Excellent Condition RARE  1930s Powder Compact, Bronze and Black Enamel, Vintage Large Size  Vintage 1930s Compact Purse Music Box Powder Compact Lipstick Compact Cigarette Case Change Purse Germany Very Good to Excellent Condition

Vintage Compact Powder Compact Art Deco Compact Mirror Compact Rhinestone Compact 1930's Compact Enamel Compact Rouge Compact  Vintage Guilloche Compact Powder Compact Mirror Compact Celluloid Guilloche Art Deco 1930s Excellent Condition  1930's Compact Purse Vintage Evans Compact Purse Art Deco Purse Compact Tap Sift Dance Purse

Treasury Item R&G Co. Blue Enamel Rouge Powder Compact with Lipstick case 1930's  vintage 1930s gold evening purse/bag for makeup, cards, cigarettes- a CLASSIC  vintage 1930s gold evening purse/bag for makeup, cards, cigarettes- a CLASSIC

Art Deco Compact Vintage Richard Hudnut Compact 1930's Powder Compact Rouge Compact Mirror Compact  1930's PRINCESS COMPACT with Automatic POWDER Dispensor  1930's Houbigant Compact Art Deco Powder Compact Vintage Compact Lipstick Case Rouge Compact

Art Deco Compact - 1930's Enamel and Chrome - Elgin  art deco 1930's richard hutnut black white enamel compact  1930's NEVER USED Elgin American Brushed Silver Powder Compact with Gold Floral Design

RARE Red Enamel Vintage Compact w Flowers / Enamel covers Front AND Back / Circa 1930s /Art Nouveau  Enamel Inlaid Compact Vintage 1930's Germany  1930s French Bakelite Josephine Baker Flamand Fladium Compact Bracelet

Steampunk Art Deco Purse Antique Vintage 1920s Golden Brass Geometric Square Metal Box Compact  Vintage Powder Box Art Deco Powder Box 1930's Powder Jar Elephant By Weidlich Bros. Silverplated VERY RARE  Art Deco Rouge Compact Purse

Art Deco Powder Compact in Metal, Green and Black  Vintage Art Deco Makeup Compact by Richard Hudnut - Enamel and Brass with Interior Mirror and Two Compartments  FIFTH AVENUE COMPACT Carryall

Snowfire Face Powder ad – 1936

I’ll take one of each hat please!


1930s hairstyles

My interest in vintage hair began when I was a child, as I have always loved the 20s, 30s and 40s, but I actually began styling my own hair in vintage styles back 1999 when I started swing dancing. I have also run vintage hair workshops many times in the last 12 years. The 1930s softly waved and curled feminine hairstyles are my favourite and I drool over old pics from the time.

I have a short middy cut myself so I can wear a 30s look when I want to. Sadly, ladies today don’t have the benefit of being able to go to the salon on a weekly basis to have their hair ‘wet set and styled’ as they did back in the day. The ‘beauty salon’ certainly was a different place back then. I once read in an old hairdressing magazine that around 50% of a salons’ business (from the 20s to the late 50s) came from ‘setting’ hair alone. Today it’s all about cut and colour.


Most of the waved and curled 30s styles required sculpting and constant upkeep. So wearing a hair net to bed with pin curls, wavers clips or rollers to maintain it was just part of every day life for ladies of the day, unless of course, you were lucky enough to have hair that waved or curled naturally and easily. Husbands and boyfriends back then certainly were used to seeing their ladies in curlers regularly. Was just part of life.

Women that could afford to go to the salon on a regular basis usually went for a ‘wet set and style’, which would last up to a week if you protected it while you slept. For those of you new to vintage hair speak, a wet set involved having your hair pin curled or finger waved in the style you wanted while the hair was wet, then sitting under a hood dryer for an hour or so at the salon, until the hair was completely dry. Then the hair would be brushed out and combed into the style required by the hairdresser. Certainly a lengthy process, but worth it for a week of hair that retained its style. This was a common practice right up until the 1960s in salons. Many ladies of the day (like my Nana and Grandmother) who weren’t flush with money, learned to style and set their own hair at home in the 30s, 40s and 50s for the most part and went to salon once a month.


Tips for 30s waves:

What many people don’t realise is that finger waves were actually designed to enhance, tame and smooth the waved, curly tresses of those lucky enough to have them. The waves and curls were stretched and moulded into the looks in the pics shown. But for those like myself who have dead straight hair (ugg) – I was given some invaluable tips a few years back from a lovely ex-hairstylist named ‘Lily‘ who is now in her 90s. This is how told me she used to set waves and curls for her straight-haired clients in the 30s:

– wet set hair with setting lotion under a hood dryer (or overnight) to give yourself a good curly base to work with
– THEN brush out the tight curls, smoothing the hair and relaxing it a bit
– use a styling comb to sculpt the curls on top and sides of your head  into soft waves and ridges and clip them into place with wavers (so much easier when the hair is already curled). It’s all about the sculpting.
– sculpt the smaller curls so they are softer around the back of your head/ears etc using the comb and your fingers. Spray on some hairspray to set.

So – curling first, drying, THEN waving for us straight haired lot! 🙂 For years I wondered why trying to achieve soft finger waves was so much harder with straight hair … simple, because they were designed to beautify curly hair! So, salons of the day had to come up with techniques to help out the straight-haired gals like to me achieve these amazing styles too. Information has just been lost over the years as the older generation pass away. Anyhoo, here are some great style to inspire you. My fav 30s ladies are Carole Lombard, Myrna Loy and Ginger Rogers.


Cosmetic ads from the 1920s and 30s

I am a graphic designer by profession and my love of 20s and 30s design has always influenced my own work. I  have admired and collected design examples from this time period since my college days studying design and art history and am always adding to my digital collection. Broders, Schmidt, Rodchenko, Schlutz-Neudamm, Loupot, Kiesler, Falcucci, Carboni, Bouchard, Cassandre, Kuhn and Ansieau – just to name a few – are some of my favourite designers of the day. Sometimes I forget about all the things I have stored away in files and am excited when I come across them again and just want to share. So, please enjoy these vintage lovelies from the 20s and 30s.



Williams, Aftershave Bridge Playing Cards Games Mens, USA (1920)    Women’s Art Deco Eau De Cologne, UK (1928)Irresistible – Awaken Love... Be utterly Irresistible (1935)