Hair waving items: 1934 Sears catalogue

I found this wonderful page courtesy of a long while ago and just HAD to share it today. After looking over it I realised that I actually have more than half of these items in my own collection! I have used the water wavers quite often (my profile pic is a water wave set) and my rather substantial box of vintage hair doo-dads contains Curly Lox Curlers, Wide Wide Curlers, Kurly Kews, WW combs, Kurl Kuiks, Wavos and Kid Kurlers.

It’s also fun to see the original prices and descriptions of these items. The Baldwin Marcellers are amazing! I’ve seen some online for sale on occasion and they look rather complex to use! And the Nayrs Waving Cap, what a nifty looking device. Wish I could find an old one of those and give it try! Oh blow me down! There’s one for sale at Taste-T Vintage!!

Lounging pjs and lingerie – Sears 1934 catalogue

Lovely ad from Sears featuring some gorgeous Lounging Pjamas and cute lingerie. I love that the bra was called a ‘bandeau’ here. I would like the ‘Serona ensemble’ please in blue!