1920s gowns – pics of the week

I saw this beautiful ad from a 1926 fashion magazine on Etsy and was amazed by the variations and detailing of the gowns for sale. So, I looked through my Pinterest pages and pulled up some real ones 🙂

* Taken from my other blog.


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Maybeline ad – 1925

I adore this ad from 1925 for Maybeline mascara. Thank you to the Vintage-Spirit blog for sharing it.

Maybeline 1928

1920s/30s ‘Bibendum’ (Michelin Man) posters

As a kid I always liked the old version of the Michelin Man. My dad restores vintage cars and many of his friends in the vintage car club he belongs to collect old MM tin signs and paraphernalia.

Best of all, I love the old cigar toking, monocle-sporting, mummy-esque looking ‘Bibendum’ (his real name) of the 20s and 30s. He’s kinda scary looking but so very, very cool and sophisticated. Nothing like the lame ‘cartoonish’ Michelin Man of today who looks like he’s advertising children’s cereal.