Etsy picks of the week – Vintage hair items

Flicking though Etsy this week I found a wonderful selection of vintage hairstyling accessories from the 20s, 30s and 40s. I hope you enjoy my finds!

il_570xN.616946023_t46f   il_570xN.584485914_tddp  il_570xN.619151263_ie11il_570xN.605719653_jv2hil_570xN.624779663_d78f    il_570xN.624650858_mm4vil_570xN.341656986    il_570xN.359001167_isbe

il_570xN.456526512_mahd   il_570xN.406460027_pnu7

il_570xN.472442157_4xtj   il_570xN.619352082_7gef

il_570xN.209468510    il_570xN.478969211_8eaa



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