Michèle’s Vintage Knitwear – the art of vintage knitting

I wish I could knit!! My mum was a talented knitter in her 20s (back in the 1970s) but sadly, I never learnt the art myself. I have so many vintage knitting books from the 30s and 40s and would dearly love to have some of the blouses and dresses made for me.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on some of these beauties knitted from vintage patterns by Michèle Marck (pictured below) from ‘Michèle’s Vintage Knitwear’ in the UK. I have admired her gorgeous knitwear for years and would love to buy a 1930s knitted blouse from her one day. Michèle’s garments look like perfect replicas of the original knitting book ‘finished product’ photos and I love the little details she uses, such as vintage buttons (if there is a shoulder opening). Such lovely touches.

She also has a flickr account linked to her blog with load of pics of her creations, so take a look and be inspired! Maybe you can even buy a piece from her or learn to knit! 🙂






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