René Lalique glass car mascots

Just had to write a post about these wonderful pieces of art. I used to gaze at these deco hood mascots in awe as a child in one of my dad’s vintage car books. Never forgot them and still would love to own some of them myself. René Lalique was a genius when it came to glassware.

Twenty nine mascot designs were produced for the sleek cars of Hispano Suiza, Isotta Fraschini, Bugatti, Bentley, etc. All were made from very high quality glass, and provision was made for them to be illuminated by special metal mounts. The rarest are the coloured and tinted pieces. Here are some of my favourites.

 Lalique Sirène Mascot   Lalique Archer Mascot

Lalique Peacock's Head Mascot   Lalique Swallow MascotLalique Victoire Mascot

Lalique Perch Mascot   Lalique Owl MascotLalique Chrysis Mascot
Lalique Small Dragonfly Mascot

Photo Source

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