Dress clips…the forgotten accessory

Recently I discovered that a pair of my favorite Art Deco dress clips were missing from my collection, so pending their reappearance somewhere, I began to search online to see if I could find an identical pair to replace them. I am always amazed at the variety of dress clips that are out there for sale.

So many beautiful designs, sizes and materials are used. My preference is for the very geometric abstract ones. Many Art Deco dress clips were designed in pairs and could be worn on necklines, belts, jacket lapels, purses, furs, shoes and hats. They were held in place with a flat backed hinged mechanism with small spikes, which gripped the fabric. Some were made in the form of a Duette, where two clips could be joined together to form a single piece.

Dress clips were a great way to dress up simple outfits and were worn on everyday clothing as well as evening wear. For some great ideas on how to wear them, check out Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage’s post on the subject. She has written a great little article 🙂

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